Resolution for 2022

Both Cheryl and I are completely retired. I retired from my assistant position with the Great Rivers Region at the end of December. I am going to be available to do pulpit supply when requested and also some short interim positions if needed. Otherwise Cheryl and I will be free to roam.

Right now I am posting from Jacksonville, FL

Passed 1000

I passed the 1000 mile marker in biking this Saturday. Not too bad considering I was laid-off a few weeks with surgery. I haven’t been riding as much or as long. I’ve been averaging about 10 miles per ride for a 100 days of riding. I may pick up the pace a little and make it to 2000 miles for this year. We’ll see.

Monthly Generator Run

Once a month I run the generator on Trekker, our Travato RV. I want to exercise it to make sure it ready to go when I need it. I run it for 30 minutes under a load. Today I’m running the A/C on high.

Interim Finished

This past Sunday was my last time of being with Raritan Baptist Church as their interim ministry. I hope to visit Area III churches over the next few months to connect with them as they begin to regather in the building for worship

Sutures and Staples Removed

I got my sutures and staples removed on Monday, and the steristrips didn’t last but a day on my hand. Everything is looking good, though my surgical sites are still tender to the touch. I am glad that my trigger finger is working again and my hand is not falling asleep all the time.

Still “Patiently” Recovering

It’s been a week today since my surgery. I am able to do a little more activity with my right hand and arm with some comfort. I am finding out that it is hard for me to have to put off doing some things because of the discomfort or that it would be better for healing if I put some things off, like cutting the grass, or weeding.
I get the sutures and staples off next Tuesday.

Surgery Went Well

The surgery is over and I am doing well. Most of the pain is gone and I haven’t had to take any pain medication for over 14 hours. I see the doctor on Friday

Surgery Today

I’m headed for the hospital today for surgery on my right arm – ulnar nerve, trigger finger and carpal tunnel. I guess I won’t be typing for a few days with my right hand.

This Sunday’s worship service will be posted sometime later today, I hope.

End of May

As we begin June, we see more activities starting to become available. Raritan Baptist Church is planning on worshipping together maintaining social distancing and safe hygienic practices on June 7. The plan is to make the service available to watch on line or download for those who don’t feel comfortable meeting. So they will be available hopefully the same day of the worship service