1500 miles

I passed the 1500 mile mark today; half way to my goal for the year. For the last two days I have been riding the Katy Trail in Missouri.
It is also the day after our 9th wedding anniversary. We celebrated yesterday. We are staying at Sundermeier RV Park in St Charles. We made ourselves a special dinner last night of brisket, corn on the cob and fresh garden salad. Cheryl flies out tomorrow to go visit her son and his family for a couple of weeks.


I rode to Monmouth, IL and back today, 39.56 miles. That put me over the 9000 mile mark on my Trek Verve+

37 Miles to Go

I have 37 miles to go to read 9000 miles on the Trek Verve+ bicycle. As I previously mentioned I purchased the bike in 2018. I have taken it with me on many trips, so I have ridden it from coast to coast and in the mountains east and west.
The weather as been pretty smoky here for the last two days. On yesterday’s ride my lungs felt it. I jokingly said to my grandson, I’ve had my Marlboro today. If we go camping, we definitely will not have to have a campfire to get the smoke.😷

Pushing 9000

I bought my Trek Verve+ in May of 2018. We’ve taken it with us on most of our trips since then, as well as putting in a few miles locally. So after the ride this morning. I have 108 miles left to reach 9000 miles. I’m hoping to make 10000 miles on it this year. I should do it since my riding goal is 3000 miles for this year. Right now I am at 1157.5.

Enjoying Retirement

We have been doing quite a bit of traveling. This past weekend I went to bike the High Trestle trail that runs from Ankeny, IA to Woodward, IA. about 32 miles. It’s all paved. You can see my video on the family page.

Resolution for 2022

Both Cheryl and I are completely retired. I retired from my assistant position with the Great Rivers Region at the end of December. I am going to be available to do pulpit supply when requested and also some short interim positions if needed. Otherwise Cheryl and I will be free to roam.

Right now I am posting from Jacksonville, FL

Passed 1000

I passed the 1000 mile marker in biking this Saturday. Not too bad considering I was laid-off a few weeks with surgery. I haven’t been riding as much or as long. I’ve been averaging about 10 miles per ride for a 100 days of riding. I may pick up the pace a little and make it to 2000 miles for this year. We’ll see.

Monthly Generator Run

Once a month I run the generator on Trekker, our Travato RV. I want to exercise it to make sure it ready to go when I need it. I run it for 30 minutes under a load. Today I’m running the A/C on high.

Interim Finished

This past Sunday was my last time of being with Raritan Baptist Church as their interim ministry. I hope to visit Area III churches over the next few months to connect with them as they begin to regather in the building for worship