This past week we celebrated Thanksgiving with Cheryl’s family.  Not everyone could make it.  The picture below is a part of a quick video we sent to Zach, Kate and Naomi.  We also got to FaceTime with them later in the day.  We had a lot of good food!  Bryan, Cheryl’s nephew said it’s hard to lose weight when we come back to “Smorgasburg”  Well, Bryan,hopefully we will burn it off when we hike down the Grand Canyon this next month.  (I will have pictures.) We are grateful we got to spend the day together.


Coming home from worship,  we ate leftovers for Sunday  dinner.  It sure was a great tasting turkey.  It tasted just as good as leftovers, too. we began to decorate our house for Christmas.  Of course turkey makes one sleepy, so we took a nap.  Then we began putting out all the nativity sets we can. We have quite a few.  (More pictures to come.)



Raritan is planning on celebrating Hanging of the Greens on Saturday, November 25 at 6 PM.  So yesterday we spent time getting some of the decorations put up. We’re looking forward to the program.  Julie Barber is a great designer, so the sanctuary is really looking beautiful.

There will be a dessert fellowship following the service. I volunteered to make Chocolate Mint Cookies.  I was a good boy, too, I only had one cookie.  I had to make sure they were fit to eat

IMG 0003