Monthly Archives: January 2018

Interesting Week

Last week started out with us thinking about a new floor through the living room, dining room and kitchen. So we pulled up the old carpet, which was well over 20 years old.  We also started ripping up the kitchen flooring, thinking it may have hard wood on it, but it is only designed to be a subfloor, even though it is a hard wood.  We hope to make a flooring decision by January 31.

Wednesday night I awoke with some chest pain.  Not knowing for sure why I was having the pain, though it was similar to the chest pain I had last February, I took a nitro glycerin tablet and Cheryl encouraged me to go to the ER.  So she took me.  It turns out I must have been having a slight heart attack.  My troponin level was elevated.  So they admitted me for observation and I was discharged on Friday, with a follow-up appointment this Thursday with my normal cardiologist.  I am thankful for all the prayers of family and friends.

I didn’t let the heart attack stop me.  We went to visit the Eckhardts Friday night and Saturdy to celebrate James’ 12th birthday.  This past week we saw that RAGBRAI announced the 2018 route which will go through Iowa City and end in Davenport.  James’ is interested in riding, so we are giving it some thought.

Check In

On January 14, I began the study, Experienceing God, with a small group at Raritan Baptist Church.  It has been exciting to see how God is using this tool to encourage and inspire those who are taking the course.  We have about 13 who are taking the course.  I am looking forward to what God will do in the life of the church as a result of those doing the study.

Other than that, it has been a pretty regular week.  I have taken on the ressponsibility of assisting the Area Minister in area III of the Great Rivers Region.  I stopped by to visit with one of the pastors, and look forward to visiting with a couple more this week.

Video Work

This past week I have been working on Home movies.  As you can see when you go to the Family Album page I put together a video of our Arozona Trip which included hiking the Grand Canyon.  I have been working on cleaning up my video library, making projects available for watching on our TV.  I am converting Family DVD’s into files that can be played on mobile devices and over the internet.  It is a time-consuming work, but I have enjoyed doing it.  If you take the time to watch the Arizona Video, I hope ou enjoy it.

New Year’s Day 2018

We start the new year with COLD temperatures (-17), but a beautiful sunny day.  We have had a great holiday season!  Now we are looking forward to getting in better shape and reach our weight goals.  (I was with in 2 pounds of my goal just before RAGBRAI, but since then have gained 25.7 pounds.  How easy it is to put on the weight rather than burn it off.)  I hope to reach my goal of 165 pounds by May 11.  I’m putting our bikes on the trainers upstairs.  I am setting a goal of 4000 miles, counting both inside and outside miles this year.  I didn’t count them last year.  I reach 3793 miles outside last year.