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Costa Rica

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This past week, February 15-20, we went to visit my granddaughter, Kierstin, in Costa Rica.  She has been a student at SCORE International, where she has been learning Spanish, and engaging in ministry in the San Jose area. There were 10 of us who went to visit, my daughter Heather and her daughter, Leah; my daughter, Heidi and her husband, Matt and two children, James and Cindy; and Cheryl and I.  We had a great time discovering what Kierstin is learning and doing.  We also were given the opportunity to see some of the sights of Costa Rica.  I will be uploading video in the next few days.

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More of the Same

I got to revisit the hospital this past Wednesday with chest pains.  The cardiologist thought it be best to send me to Peoria for a heart catheterization. They did it Thursday morning find a block artery in the first diagonal from the circumflex artery.  The doctor felt that it had been closing of for sometime, and most likely became completely blocked when I had the heart attack the Wednesday before.  He was unable to get a line through, so no angeoplasty or stent.  He was not too concerned becasue he saw a number of collateral arteries that had been developing to supply blood flow to that area.  He did not think that there was any significant damage to that area of the heart or that there would be a problem.  I guess God didn’t want me to have another stent or bypass surgery, so He had my heart develop new blood paths. 

I have not been restricted too much as far as exercise.  I was told to hold off on riding my bike for a week or so.  They also thought it would be a good idea to go through cardica rehab again.