Monthly Archives: March 2018

Catching up

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog.  Over these past two weeks Cheryl has been figting a virus that has kept her from work.  She finally went back to work today.

IMG 1324IMG 1322

Meanwhile, we have replaced the flooring through out the living room, dining area and kitching with bamboo.  It looks great!  As you can tell from the pictures.  In order to put the new floor in, we had to take out the island in the kitchen.  So we are figuring out what type of island we want to put back in.  We are looking at building shelving on each side of the fireplace.  Cheryl is on Pinterest getting ideas on how to do that.  We are also looking at furniture replacement and an area rug for the living room.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

I’m still doing cardiac rehab and itching to get outside on my bicyle.  I’ve been out there once since my heart attack, but mainly I’m riding it indoors on the trainer.  Last summer I mounted a GoPro on my bike and recorded a few rides.  I am watching those while riding indoors.  I put music to the videos and it certainly makes it seem like the time goes quicker. The vidoes I have captured so far are of a ride near Springville, NY, and a couple of rides west of Galesburg  and one ride south of town.    I am going to record some more rides this year as well.