Monthly Archives: January 2019

Brrr, still!

The cold is not going to let up. Even though we had an overnight of 34º. It’s supposed to get to -3º tonight by Wednesday, we are going to only see a high of -13º and a low of -28º. This reminds me of the winter of 1978-79 when we were living in Montana. We didn’t see the temperature get about 0º for 20 days straight. I guess I’m going to have to wear my long Johns.


Today we are feeling the effects of winter, right now (12:25 PM) it is 16º but feels like 0º with the wind chill. We’re thankful we have a warm house. This being a holiday, Cheryl and I are thinking about warmer climates and places. We are planning our trip to California to see Zach and his family in February, and also planning our trip in July to Glacier National Park.

For those of you who are the cold climate like us, stay warm.🔥

New Website Software

I have changed to WordPress, since my other website software is no longer supported. The other nice feature with WordPress is that I can update it on my iPad. A feature that was not available with my previous software. I’m looking forward to getting proficient, but there is a learning curve. So please forgive my mistakes.

Weather Trekker

This past week I had meetings in Munice, IL and El Paso, IL.  (I put IL because of other cites that are better known).  Since the meetings were Monday and Tuesday, I decided to drive the Trekker and stay overnight rather than drive home in between.  It was rainy and very windy those two days, so I got to get the feel of driving the Trekker in those conditions.  It didn’t handle too badly.  I didn’t receive any visitors from the police to my RV while staying in the church parking lot.  (I did get permission from the pastor, just in case.)

Frinday through early Sunday we received about 10 inches of snow.  So we decided to take the Trekker to church to see how it handled on snow packed roads.  Again, it handled pretty well. 

Each time we are feeling more comfortable for driving in varying weather conditions.  We are preparing for a trip to California to see Cheryl’s son and family.  So the more we get used to driving, the more prepared we are going to be for the trip.

Starting the Year Right

As I mentioned in my last blog about setting goals for the new year, I am going after them.  Since January 1 I have exercised every day for at least 30 minutes.  I have been on the bike indoors or outdoors (the weather was really nice Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and have put on 61.5 miles.  I was at meetings in Munice and El Paso on Mondya and Tuesday of this week.  So instead of riding I walked 30 minutes both days.  Yesterday the wind was about 30 mph out of the WNW and gusting to 40.

The other, what seems to be an ongoing goal, is getting to my goal weight of 165 pounds.  It is so easy to eat and since RAGBRAI 2017 I went from 167 to 209.  I am focusing again on what I call the 5 P’s – Prayer, Portion, Pace, Patience, Persistence – to head in the other direction.  Since weiging in on Jan 1 at 208.9 I have lost 3.2 pounds. Today I weigh 205.7.  My hope is that I will be at 200 pounds when we leave for California.  If I can stay on track I HOPE to reach my goal by the end of August