Monthly Archives: February 2019

Home Again

We had a great vacation, seeing Zach and his family. As we prepared to travel east again, we found that I-80 was closed through Donner’s Pass due to snow and wind. So we headed south and across I-40 through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Though it took us another 8 hours, we enjoyed the new scenery.

San Francisco

Yesterday we drove through Vallejo, where I was stationed in the Navy and spent some time after my discharge. It was Vallejo where we bought our first house. After taking some pictures of the house, we went on to San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. We then at in Oakland at the Belly UpTown Restaurant.


We left Thursday for California to visit with Zach’s family. It was a pretty drive, including the snow we encountered going through Donner’s Pass. (I’m glad it wasn’t closed like last Sunday through Tuesday).

We celebrated Naomi’s baptism with Kate’s family, which was Sunday February 10.

We plan to make a day trip to see old stomping grounds in Vallejo and then on to San Francisco, via the Golden Gate Bridge.


We are trekking to California to see Cheryl’s son and family at the end of the week. We are getting the Trekker ready and praying for good weather for our travel, especially through the Sierra Nevada range in California. From what I have read, the mountains are being hit pretty hard with snow over the past couple of days, 10-15 feet. The forecast shows only light snow and little wind for travel when we pass through.

We are thankful the weather has moderated here. We have seen temperatures in the 40’s over the past few days. Nice! Almost feels like shirt-sleeve weather after that cold spell.