Monthly Archives: March 2019


I had the opportunity to spend time with family over the weekend. I drove the Trekker up to Madison, sleeping overnight Thursday through Saturday. Andrew joined me on Friday night. Here is picture of my siblings.

Enjoying the Grandkids

This past weekend, James and Cindy were here. They came on Friday night with their two dogs, Judy and Liza, and stayed through Sunday. Their mom and dad went to a party in Champaign. I made the usual for Saturday breakfast – waffles. Leah came over for breakfast as well. It rained pretty much all day, so indoor activities kept us busy.
We ended the day by going to the movie: “Captain Marvel”

When Will Winter Be Over?

I know by the calendar and the movement of the earth it will be Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at 4:58 P.M. CDT. But I’m looking for some warm weather now. For some reason this has been a l-o-n-g winter for me. Because of the weather, I haven’t been able to get outside much to ride my bike. And I think I have been through videos enough while riding inside that I am desiring to have the sun and wind on my face again. Well, I’ll try to be patient.
Still, the weather forecast is for snow again this week. 😕