Monthly Archives: June 2020

Still “Patiently” Recovering

It’s been a week today since my surgery. I am able to do a little more activity with my right hand and arm with some comfort. I am finding out that it is hard for me to have to put off doing some things because of the discomfort or that it would be better for healing if I put some things off, like cutting the grass, or weeding.
I get the sutures and staples off next Tuesday.

Surgery Went Well

The surgery is over and I am doing well. Most of the pain is gone and I haven’t had to take any pain medication for over 14 hours. I see the doctor on Friday

Surgery Today

I’m headed for the hospital today for surgery on my right arm – ulnar nerve, trigger finger and carpal tunnel. I guess I won’t be typing for a few days with my right hand.

This Sunday’s worship service will be posted sometime later today, I hope.