Staying Positive

The extension was extended here in Illinois. Now we are looking at a stay-at-home order through May 30. Not to let it get me down, I am continuing to be thankful. I don’t think we have enjoyed so many restaurants as we have during this time. Though we can’t go there to eat, we are enjoying either the take out or delivery. We are trying to be supportive of our local restaurants during this time. I delight in saying we are enjoying how well they are preparing the food.

We are enjoying being out on the road on our bicycles. The virus has not stopped the sun from shining. It’s also pretty easy to practice social distancing on a bicycle. The fresh air and sunshine helps us stay positive (and burn off some of the calories we are consuming from all the restaurant food 😉).

Also, we had planned on a trip to California (I think I mentioned this before) in the RV, so we are enjoying sleeping in it in our driveway. I have thought about taking some food to the RV and cooking, to make it feel a little more like we are really on the road.

Well, anyway, I choose to rejoice. I like Paul’s encouragement in Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”