Wow Weather

The weather has been great these past three days; temperatures in the 40’s-50’s and plenty of sunshine! It was so nice that I decided to cycle outdoors. 🚴‍♀️
But it’s raining today, and the weather advisory for Tuesday and Wednesday is about 6 inches of snow. It certainly has been a roller coaster winter as far and temperature and weather. Yet overall it has been pretty mild.
I guess I will be cycling indoors again for the next few days.

Ground Hog Day

We hope we do see an early spring since Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow. It surely felt like it this past Sunday. If he’s correct, it means Cheryl and I need to keep up the exercise and diet to make sure we are in shape when spring does come.
We have our bikes on the trainers and getting the miles in. Although I did ride outside since the temperature was 51º.

Trying to Get Fit

One of my goals for 2020 is to get more fit. Part of that plan is to be on the bike inside or out at least 30 minutes each day. So far I have been on the bike 14 days. I started out on January 1, but let up for 13 days, and so restarted on January 15. From then until today I have been on every day. I have set a goal of 4000 miles. I hope to get in a couple of century rides.
In past summers I have taken videos of my rides, I have them to watch while I am riding inside. It does seem to make the time go by a lot faster. I hope to do some more videos of rides this summer, as well.

Another Year

It’s hard to believe we have come through two decades in the 21st Century already. I am looking forward to what GOD has in store this year. I am thankful for GOD’s love and forgiveness. I scripture passage that has been coming to mind during these first weeks of 2020 is Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. I pray that I will be able to be more aware of GOD’s presence and guidance through out this year.

Florida, Dec 21

I rode 19.98 miles yesterday morning, while the sun was shining. I average 13.0 mph, which included slowly riding around the area Heather and Christy’s families are going to stay.  There was a 15-20 mph wind coming from the east that I faced on the way back.  I’m glad I have the e-assist bike during times like that.

In the afternoon and evening I went to where Heidi and Andrew’s families are staying.  We watched the children play in the pool for a while.  We ordered a large sheet pizza for dinner and watched the 8th episode of Star Wars.

Florida Trip

I left Galesburg at 6:34 to go meet Andrew, Thorin , Svenja. We started out from Savoy, IL to Florida at about 9 PM Thursday night. We drove straight through to the Englewood area of Florida. I am staying at the Florida Pines Mobile Home and RV Park and Andrew and the kids are staying with the Eckhardt’s. We had great driving weather and the traffic was pretty good; hardly any slow down in Atlanta. We had a slow down near Tampa due to a traffic accident.

Svenja loved the warm weather and She got on the ground and rolled around.

Preparing For Florida

This Thursday, Andrew and his kids will meet me in Savoy where we will journey together to Florida for Christmas. This Christmas the children thought it would be fun to not exchange presents, but make a trip to Florida and all be together for Christmas in the warm sunshine.
The only sad part is that Cheryl wasn’t able to get annual leave to go with us, so she will be staying in Galesburg. Yet she will have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with Emily and Brad.
I will share photos of our time together.

December Update

On November 30, my granddaughter got married, in which I was privileged to reflect on the scripture the two of them had chosen as the theme for the wedding. The wedding took place near Lake Chautauqua. It turned out to be a beautiful day which capped off a beautiful wedding. Here is a picture of Kierstin and Klint with my children.

November Thanksgiving Challenge

This past Sunday I challenged the Raritan church to only give thanks to the Lord, rather than asking him for things through out all of November. Often as we pray, we focus more on what we want God to do rather than looking at what God is doing already. So the challenge is to focus more on what God is doing and then to give Him thanks.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Northeast Trip

We were too enamored with what we experienced on our trip that I didn’t take the time to update the website. We were able to see the fall foliage at its peak in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. It truly was beautiful.

We also enjoyed Letchworth State Park in New York, Acadia National Park, The Thousand Islands (take a river cruise) and Niagara Falls. You can view a few of our pictures in the family album.

When we got home, we were still ready to continue traveling. But, alas, Cheryl and I had to get back to work.